Question: Is Barnaul ammo good?


Despite being decommissioned decades ago, the leftover 7. Plus, much of it is harder on your Mosin-Nagant than a Siberian winter. Decades upon decades in most cases. Yet, the 203-grain round is worth the hunt.

Offering excellent ballistics in a weight appropriate for almost all North American large game, the ammo is a do-all. Mercifully, Barnaul uses non-corrosive primers in the ammo, however, with a steel case.

Is Barnaul ammo good?

Our grandfathers slew deer by the droves with similar projectiles. A big bonus, the cases are brass, which means you can reload the buggers. Compared to other Mosin-Nagant ammo, it moves at a good clip, with the listed velocity at 2,838 fps. True, it tends to the lighter side. It hits deer, hogs and coyotes like a bolt from the blue, and is a bit easier on the shoulder in the process.

Also, if you need dead-nuts range fodder, nobody going to fault you Is Barnaul ammo good? pitching Is Barnaul ammo good? at targets. A rarified proposition once reserved for reloading geeks is now available to the masses thanks to the Peterson Cartridge.

An unfortunately overlooked weight class in.

Is Barnaul ammo good?

In this case, a whopping. Expect the ammo to push your warhorse to its and your limits on the hunt and deliver once on target. The polymer-tipped bullets are renowned for their terminal performance, knocking holes in game that put and keep them down. Yes, the very same one rife with live-saving defensive ammunition options also has you covered when it comes to lead-free hunting ammunition for your Mosin-Nagant.

Is 3,325 fps fast enough for you? Dollar to donuts, it will be for any game at the receiving end. Tough as a hickory stump, solid copper projectiles punch well above their Is Barnaul ammo good? in this case, expect it to perform on par with 150-plus-grain bullets.

Is Barnaul ammo good?

A boat-tail hollow-point kept to tight tolerance, the 174-grain option has the chops to extend the reach of your Russian bang-stick, accurately so. The bullet has an exceptional ballistic coefficient. Boasting a full metal jacket boat-tail bullet, the round has excellent ballistics and consistent performance.


Perhaps the biggest plus for economical 7. The case is steel, but coated in a polymer to ensure smooth feeding and extraction, as well as making the ammo waterproof.

The Serbian company keeps the tolerances tight with very uniform full-metal jacket, boat-tail bullets that do a good job at bucking the wind. They also load them fairly hot for 7. The cases are brass, so they are reloadable.

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