Question: Is the Social Security office open tomorrow?


Please, share your experience about visiting this office, provide a using the form at the end of this page. All local Social Security offices will be closed to the public for in-person service starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

If you cannot use these online services, you can find the phone number for your local office by using our Field Office Locator and looking under Additional Office Information. Note, if you already had a scheduled appointment with your local office, an employee from that office will attempt to call you at your scheduled appointment time. Office Is At Bottom Of Inside Ramp In Room A-11 steve wrote on 14. Elissa Newell wrote on 03. I was told it would take up to 10 business days.

I can't go ahead with other important documents for work, etc. Plus you have my passport, marriage license, and birth certificate. Things which Is the Social Security office open tomorrow? need soon! Don't send me to the National Line. Sandy Leavitt wrote on 31. Judith McDonald-Link wrote on 19. This should have been taken care of in July.

Is the Social Security office open tomorrow?

How does one contact the Chief Officer, if there is no listing for that individual? Taren Jones wrote on 22. They tell me to go into the office but that's 2 plane rides away! Phillip Matafele wrote on 09. I stood in a long line and pulled a number which means this facility operates on a first come first served basis.

I want this issue resolved and I want my concerns addressed immediately! Dennis Sprague wrote on 07. Dennis Sprague wrote on 07. All calls are forwarded to the national call center.

National center refers you to the local office. Peter D Schneidler wrote on 24. I have called twice now between 9 and 10 am local time on a Tuesday and they keep forwarding me to the national number. This is what several other reviewers said as well.

I Is the Social Security office open tomorrow? a break between classes, but not a break that long. Hours are ridiculous Is the Social Security office open tomorrow? the local office as well 9-3 are not user friendly hours at all for those who live busy lives. Elizabeth Harper wrote on 19.

When I tried to local 800 number it immediately forwarded my call to the national number even though the Anchorage office was still open. I can't make it that long without benefits. I am not doing this all for myself, as I am a human and I care. I am going to prove that. I am in the process of fileing charges against the director for allowing this to happen. I have also contacted the Obama administration, and my aunt who is the director of health and welfare in pa. I will also be contacting my lawyer about this matter.

I am a service connected veteran with ankloyosing spondylitis. I waited for response to my call on the 800 and the person did not want to help me because I was upset.

Social Security Office In Cherry Hill, NJ [Everything You Need To Know!]

Why don't you put some links into your website, and if an appt is required, state that clearly and provide an efficient way to get to an appt. I have a what seems like pretty simple question called national they said come to office ,so I did only after waiting an hour to get we can't answer that here you'll get A call next weekno calls recall one person says come in no tried that talked to supervisors getting well call this numberempty number as never in days seriously days of dallying calling No response.

Is the Social Security office open tomorrow?

There all just putting in time on the tax payers dollar none of then know there job. I have been repeatedly trying to get a hold of her. Even had the main line send her a message which she did call back but since i was at a meeting couldn't pick up, she didn't call back when i returned her call like she told me to?? Kim Mackey wrote on 03. I had a hearing set by phone for a date when I would be out of state. The voice mail had a message from July, when this happened in September.

While I was gone this person called my home to conduct the interview, and got my wife, and had no idea or knew anything about the messages I had left. This incompetence will cost my son 73 dollars a month for the next five years.

Is the Social Security office open tomorrow?

And all based on an erroneous estimate I corrected. Former address was 2925 Will Rogers Place, Anchorage, Alaska 99517 and the current address is: 345 So. Can you make this change?

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