Question: How do I find love at 40?

What happens to a man at 40?

By age 40, men usually have lost 1-5% of their muscle mass, caused by the gradual loss of muscle cell function [R]. This loss accelerates with age and, when left unmonitored, results in fragility and interference with physical activity.

How Couples Over 40 Found Love Later In Life

I am starting to get desperate. I am ready to settle down and have a family. However, older you get, the harder it is to find a mate because the majority of our population matches up soon after college. Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but it is my opinion that finding a mate that suits your preferences and who is interested in you is very hard indeed. According to the 2011 U. Census, 84% of the Caucasian population between 20 to 24 years of age were not married yet 1. So if you are single by that point, your chances of marriage is not good.

As a 44-year-old Caucasian male, I am one of the 18% of the Caucasian men in my age group 40-44 years of age that has never been married. I would like to think that I have a lot going for me. I ran three Boston Marathons, and I am a 4.

Theoretically, all these should be attractive qualities for educated females.

How do I find love at 40?

So, on a lonely Monday night, I have decided to statistically determine the percentage of available women that are in the U. According to the 2011 U. Census 1there are 6,660,000 single Caucasian women never married in the U.

S between 25 and 39 years of age. There are 1,940,000 divorced women of the same age range 25 to 39. That is about 3% of the total U. That leaves me with 1,548,000 Caucasian single women in the U. So, that leaves me with 619,200 available, slender, Caucasian women in the U.

As 82% of these women are non-smokers 8that leaves me with 507,744 women or about 6% How do I find love at 40? 25 to 39 yr old population in the U. Thus, in any city, 0.

Of the 507,744 women available in the U. I would say about 30% of these women would have amicable personality traits and other attributes that would suit my liking. But this is a big guess. So, we are now left with 152,323 women that I would get along with.

How do I find love at 40?

Now, what percentage of those women would find me attractive? So, that leaves me with 30,645 women in the U. Remember, this statistical estimate is based on women that have never been married or are divorced.

Given that the percentages of lesbians in the U. In a large city like New York population 8,406,000 there are 226,962 single Caucasian women 25 to 39 yrs of age 0. This would leave me with 386 women that fit my desires and who find me attractive 0. I live in a town that has 751,000 residents.

Thus, there would be 20,277 single Caucasian women of my preference 25 to 39 yrs of age 0. This would leave me with 35 women in my local area who fit my desires and who find me attractive 0. What are the chances that I bump into one of these 34 women in a population of 751,000? Well, this would dwindle this population of available, desirable women even further since 33% of women 25 to 39 years of age have no children 10. In my area, I would be done to 11 women who fit my desires and who also would find me attractive.

The huge task is to figure out where these 11 ladies are, or is it time to move?

4 Ways to Find Love After 40

Ladies, as for your own statistical computations you may observe that I also fall into the hard to find group. However, if any of the above mentioned 0. Women want taller men more than men want shorter women.

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