Question: Who is the best YouTube guitarist?

Who is the best guitar player on YouTube?

Jared Dines is perhaps the most popular guitarist on YouTube with over 2.8 million YouTube subscribers.

Is Stevie t good guitarist?

Stevie Terreberry Stevie T is a well-known guitar enthusiast on Youtube. ... Its important to say that even back then he was already very good at guitar. In 2011 he posted a great cover of the Van Halens solo for “Beat it” by Michael Jackson, which may look easy to play, but its really not.

Who is the best guitarist now?

1. Mark Tremonti. Mark Tremontis Track record as a songwriter is close to unmatched in modern heavy music - the Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist, who well call Captain Riff, has sold more than 50 million records over his career.

Whos the most famous guitar player?

The 12 Most Influential Guitarists of All Time—and Their...ROBERT JOHNSON. Robert Johnson is the greatest blues guitarist of all time and one of rocks founding fathers from the pre-World War II Delta blues era. ... CHARLIE CHRISTIAN. ... B.B. KING. ... CHET ATKINS. ... CHUCK BERRY. ... WES MONTGOMERY. ... ERIC CLAPTON. ... JIMI HENDRIX.More items...•Apr 14, 2020

Did Stevie T buy a house?

Steven Roger Terreberry (born: September 30, 1987 (1987-09-30) [age 34]), also known as Stevie T, is a Canadian YouTuber and musician. ... He recently got his own house, as stated in the video Stevie T Bought A House!.

What did Stevie T do?

Steven Roger Terreberry (born September 30, 1987), also known as Stevie T, is a Canadian YouTuber and musician. He is known for his comedic videos involving music.

How old is SteveTerreberry?

34 years (September 30, 1987) Steve Terreberry/Age

What happened to Stevie T YouTube?

On May 7, 2021, Terreberrys YouTube channel was hacked, resulting in all of his videos being set to private, as well as his channels name and photo being changed.

Did Stevie T actually buy a house?

0:0212:53Stevie T Bought A House! - YouTubeYouTube

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Who is the best YouTube guitarist?

I will never claim to be a great guitarist in the sense of, you know, a virtuoso. Jimi frequently tops online 'best guitarist' polls, and, so deep is his influence, there's a good chance you already use a raft of techniques and sounds he pioneered.

Who is the best YouTube guitarist?

Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett and Ritchie Blackmore all cite Jimi as a major influence. It was such an inspiring time, playing with inspired people, and we were all absolutely on top of it.

The Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

Because believe it or not, we used to play without a bass player. It was just Alex and I. The less thinking I do, the better.

Who is the best YouTube guitarist?

Get out of my own way! It just seems to be the way it is.

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