Question: Hat Art Garfunkel Kinder?


Seuss Day in Deep Space Sparkle style with this easy-to-draw Cat in the Hat. The cat drawing is a bit tricky for Kinders so try this adjustment: follow the instructions by folding the paper, drawing the eyes and adding a nose but draw a large letter U instead of the ¾ view head.

Hat Art Garfunkel Kinder?

This makes more sense for a Kinder and the next parts mouth, neck, bow tie and hat will be easier. If you have a fairly independent group, allow them to create any type of pattern background they want. Try polka dots, stripes, chevrons, etc.


Take a look at this adaptation of a simpler version of the Dr. Seuss cat made by my friend Kathy and her Kinder students in Santa Barbara. Third and Fourth Grade Many second graders and all third and fourth graders are able to draw the ¾ view Cat very well. Have some fun with this lesson by adding different patterns to the hat. Imagine a Van Gogh Starry Night hat or a Romero Britto Pop Art hat.

Hat Art Garfunkel Kinder?

Another option for a background is to. I have to admit that Hat Art Garfunkel Kinder? some glitter here and there really is fun for the kids 9and me! Download this drawing handout to help your students draw The Cat in the Hat by clicking the red banner below the drawing.

Hat Art Garfunkel Kinder?

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