Question: Why is Audi so unreliable?

Why are Audi cars so unreliable?

However, despite making some great cars over the years and having the best intentions, Audi has a history filled with problems, ranging from blown cylinders and severe oil leaks to large-scale electronic failures.

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Why is Audi so unreliable?

I dont mind the general depreciation that comes with putting miles on a luxury brand car, or even the higher general maintenance costs, but I cant deal with regular trips Why is Audi so unreliable? the shop for repairs. I know Audi hasn't had the best reputation for reliability, but since almost all cars are getting more reliable each year, im wondering if maybe the this wouldnt be so bad.

Why is Audi so unreliable?

It's just getting rid of any kinks and fine tuning as the mass has it. So get the 2018 model and it should be pretty routine. With pretty much any brand new car off the lot today, you can expect a pretty high level of reliability. It's a fact of life. Today, it will almost certainly be an electronic component especially on an Audi.

Cars in Why is Audi so unreliable? are consistently marching toward better initial reliability.

VIDEO: Is the C5 Audi Allroad As Unreliable as They Say?

If you have Why is Audi so unreliable? failure early, it's more likely than anything due to bad luck or a faulty minor part that can be found in half a dozen other models from other brands as well. Cars these days aren't bespoke ground-up productions, they're: 1 a design, 2 a spec sheet, and 3 an assembly of the multitude of parts from all over the place which fit the specs and best suit the intended budget of the vehicle.

Unless there's a serious, recurring, critical flaw - which tend to be addressed rather rapidly with a redesign, re-spec, or recall of some form or other. And will obviously be well documented among a large group of owners. If we're talking long-term reliability. That's where i'm not entirely sure many brand new cars today are going to come off as all that illustrious a decade+ from now. He says from his experience, the Audi cars seemed to have chronic problems i.

That didn't stop him from recommending a '14 S4 to his dad though! I think this is entirely unacceptable for a car this new, but besides that, nothing else has gone wrong with the car aside form regular maintenance and wear and tear items fluids, tires, brakes, etc.

Why is Audi so unreliable?

How low are these people's standards for reliability? Then you probably don't want the first year or two of a new generation of any vehicle.

Even if it is 99% perfect, the 1% of things that do break will end up being back ordered, and there may be weird bugs that engineering has not figured out a solution for. You Why is Audi so unreliable? get a nice loaner so you won't be without a vehicle, but if physically going to the dealership is a problem then again, might not want to get a new iteration.

Then again one shop did him wrong and took out his bad part and replaced it with a used bad part pocketed the money that a new one would cost. But yeah, I honestly haven't heard anything good about it.

For example, I had my throttle body replaced three times. One done under warranty, the other two out of pocket. Not a terribly complicated issue, but the parts are expensive.

Audi A4 Reliability ❤️ What's Up With Audi A4's Engine?

It'd simply go into limp mode when it felt like it - runs perfectly fine for days or even weeks, then comes back. It has since mysteriously disappeared after getting a few oil leaks taken care of, one of them being a design flaw with the rear main seal and the other two due to aging seals.

Last one is a faulty door lock mechanism that works when it feels like it. Most of the time it doesn't, so it will either not lock the door, or it won't unlock it. Haven't gotten around to fixing that yet. Overall, not terribly unreliable, but not exactly a problem-free experience. Don't enjoy the feeling of seeing another light on the dashboard and wondering what the cause was this time. However, the engine still feels healthy at 100k+ miles.

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